Miami Immigration Lawyer Fees

Miami Immigration Lawyer Fees

By Emma Johnson
On 18 Jul, 2015

    How Much Does a Miami Immigration Attorney Cost?

    If you are currently facing a complex immigration matter, we strongly advise you to do some research in order to find the right and most qualified lawyer to represent you. Once you have found the right person and firm you will probably start thinking about how much an immigration lawyer costs. This article will shed some light on the topic. You will understand how attorneys workout their billing process. Some immigration attorneys in Florida bill by the hour while others prefer a flat rate. Once you meet with an immigration lawyer in Miami, make sure you ask him or her about cost.

    Hourly Billing Rates

    Some immigration attorneys in Florida will bill you by the hour while others will charge a flat fee, depending on the case. At Gallardo Law Firm we always charge a flat fee for immigration matters. In some specific situations, a lawyer in Miami will charge an hourly rate for the amount of time they invested on your case. Several factors can determine the hourly rate or flat fee a Miami immigration lawyer charges. One of the most important factors is how much experience and education the lawyer has. Someone who has graduated from a prestigious law school and has more experience will generally charge more than someone who graduated from a less prestigious law school. It’s also important to consider how much reputation the lawyer has. Miami immigration attorneys who have an established record may be more costly than other attorneys who may not have specialized in a specific area of the law.

    Normally, lawyers bill in six or 15 minutes increments. For example, lawyers billing in six-minute increments will charge you for 6 minutes even if you talked for only four minutes. If the client talks for about 7 minutes, he or she will be charged for 12, etc. You should keep in mind you will be charged every time your attorney works on your case, even if it involves replying an e-mail or calling the client back. There are other charges such as the lawyer’s expenses which may include travel costs if the attorney has to leave the city to interview potential witnesses for your case. An immigration lawyer in Miami may sometimes ask for a deposit. Once the lawyer is hired, you will be billed generally on a monthly basis.

    Flat-Fee Billing

    In some specific situations, a flat fee will be charged by your immigration attorney. Make sure to ask your Miami immigration attorney if they work with flat fees. If the lawyer you hire works with it, ask about court costs, whether they are included or not and when they should be paid.

    There are also contingency fees in some specific areas of law. This means the attorney takes the case for free and charges a percentage of the payout as the ultimate fee. This is generally done in cases with possible awards or settlements.

    How to choose a good immigration attorney in Miami

    There are benefits and disadvantages to using hourly or flat-fee rates. Hourly rates can sometimes be very costly when the case is long, but on cases resolved faster the cost can be very low. Oftentimes the cost is unpredictable therefore having a budget before hiring your attorney is advisable.

    Flat fees are more predictable, but they are generally paid up front. There may be other additional charges. Having an honest discussion with every potential attorney might be helpful. Ask specific questions about the costs and types of fees involved, extra expenses, etc. Lastly, ask about an estimate of the final cost. Make sure you know when you are expected to pay. Some legal fees can be negotiated, but this should be done before hiring your lawyer. When you find out how much the lawyer will charge, you can make a wise decision about who is the best lawyer to represent you.