Florida divorce alimony formula approved

Florida divorce alimony formula approved

By Claire Gray
On 14 Mar, 2016

    Making a decision to end a relationship can be a devastating experience. Unfortunately for any number of reasons, divorce happens. Along with the emotional pain, there are also the legal complications of divorce. When going through this emotional compromising time, it is important to be prepared for the financial issues that can appear during a divorce. This is especially important when children are involved. Currently Florida legislation is changing and is in the process of changing divorce laws and processes. Florida divorce alimony is on its way to becoming a formularized process.

    Florida divorce alimony and custody polices are on their way to change as they are being sent to Florida governor Rick Scott for approval. Florida judges can no longer grant lifetime alimony as formulas are now going to determine alimony payments. These formulas will consist of the length of the marriage, the involvement of children custody, and the income difference between the couple divorcing. Florida divorce alimony will become a less complicated situation based on these factors and perhaps this system can improve and lessen the duration of the divorce process. If this formula is implicated divorces should become more consistent in the way they are handled. Of course there are other factors at play when determining divorces issues and alimony like domestic violence, health of either parents, and whether their lifestyle is a healthy environment for their children.

    Those in opposition of this alimony and divorce process change, claim that doing this removes the focus from the children involved. However, alimony in Florida is not meant to remove focus from the children as Florida officials the 50/50 time split system for parental custody ensure the children’s best interest. Within the next few months it will be known if this new Florida alimony divorce formula will be approved and put into place, until then the debate will continue until the results are seen.

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