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What if my spouse cheated on me?

On 22 Sep, 2015

    Florida is not a ‘no fault state’. Hiring an experience attorney who can help you gather the evidence can prove helpful in situations like this

    Video Transcription: And the last question that I’m going to be answering today that has been received via the website and e-mail: What if my spouse cheated on me? Well, if your spouse cheated on you and you have evidence that he has been spending the matrimonial assets with the mistress then you can bring that up to court and they will give you every penny that you are entitled to from those expenses but only if you can prove that. So it’s really important as well in this case to have an attorney so they can help you out prove it if that’s the case. However, as I said before, Florida is n ot a no fault state. And because she has been cheating on you or he has been cheating on you, will not be used against the other spouse in court. Only if you have proved that he has been or she has been spending money with the mistress or then you want to be able to bring that up in court. And then only then it will be relevant to the case. If not, there is not any relevance whatsoever in a divorce case here in Florida.