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Divorce and Property

On 18 Sep, 2015

    How does court divide marital property?. A family lawyer Leisy Jimenes from Gallardo Law Firm explains your legal options during the divorce process

    Video Transcription: Another question is how does the court divide marital property? Ok, the court has to go by the statues of Florida. Florida statue goes that the presumption start with 50/50 division, equal distribution. However, this distribution that the statue requires that it be equally it can be just a presumption, which means that if you have some factors and it’s a bunch of factors that you can use in your favor. You can get on equal distribution, which means that you can get all the marital assets or most of the marital assets. So it’s really important when you have properties to have an attorney and don’t sign any agreement without your attorney being present and reviewing and being on your side step by step from the beginning of the divorce unto the end of the divorce