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Grand Jury in Miami

On 19 Aug, 2015

    Why it is important to consult a lawyer if you are required to appear before a grand jury? The Criminal Defense Attorney Jesus Novo from Gallardo Firm explains in detail

    Video Transcription: Do I need an attorney if I get a request to appear in front of a Grand Jury? If you receive a notice to appear before the Grand Jury, the first thing you have to do, is contact an attorney and I say this, believe me I had cases where people said, no I don't have nothing to hide, I don't have any fault, so I don't need an attorney. I just, I'll go by myself, and they go, and then immediately they waived their privileges against self incrimination and they end up been charged, when you get a notice to appear before the Grand Jury you don't know when you gonna be a victim, when there you're a victim, when there you are the target of the investigation; they don't tell you, so you don't now and you just go before the Grand Jury, if you are not prepared by an attorney you will be lost and will not know what to answer whereas, if an attorney is with you, you know, how to answer certain questions, also the attorney will prevent you from waiving your privilege against self incrimination. If you give more than your name and some of your personal information it is possible that you have already waived your privilege against self incrimination and at that point you can not say, I take the fifth in the we all know what it means, no, you can not do that, if you have waive your rights, so is important that immediately when you receive this letter saying, appear before the Grand Jury, contact us we will have someone represent you, we will have someone prevent you from committing slip and we will defend and preserve your rights, so that you have a better chance to if you where the target of this investigation