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If I get injured at work, do I get paid?

On 17 Oct, 2017

    If your authorized physician takes you off of work or gives you work restrictions you definitely would be entitled to indemnity benefits under workers compensation law.

    Video Transcription: If your authorize tiding positions takes you out of work or give you work restrictions you will be intires to indemnity benefits there three tapes indemnity benefits temporary total disabilities, temporary partial disabilities and permanent disabilities. If your doctors takes you out of work completely you been't able to entire the temporal disabilities which is the 66% of your average. If you get temporary partial disabilities that means that you have work restrictions and your employer can not accommodate you and again thats a percent of your average to claim wage finally this permanent disabilities and that what a doctor get you out of work permanently that's when you get paid for the rest of your life by weekly checks depends on your average to claim wage.