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Spousal Support. Who Pays Alimony?

On 23 Sep, 2015

    Am I entitled to spousal support or will I have to pay spousal support?. It all depends on the ability of each spouse to pay spousal support

    Video Transcription: This question I just received it via e-mail. And this question is: Am I entitled to spousal support or will I have to pay spousal support? Ok, this is a fact to fact also answered and it will depend on three most important factors in front of the judge. One it’s going to be whether you have the ability to pay spousal support or whether your wife or your husband has the necessity to receive spousal support. And the other one is the standard of living that you have been having during the marriage. So it’s factors that we have to litigate in court in front of the judge in a trial or we can mediate in mediation. But it’s really important to have in here when there is alimony involved an attorney because if not you can end up paying alimony when you don’t have to or paying a high amount of money that you don’t have the ability to pay. There are some misconceptions when I have been talking to my clients that they think because the wife or the husband has been working they don’t have to pay. It’s not the case. Your wife or your husband may be working but they may have received an income that is minimum and inferior of what you earn. So if your husband may told what you make or make more money than you do or your wife you may have to end up paying spousal support to the other side. So it’s really important to have an attorney and don’t procrastinate. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and look for an attorney and everything you speak with the attorney remember it’s confidential so look for help. Most of the attorneys give payment plans. Our office gives payment plans and sometimes your spouse will end up paying your attorney’s fees. So go and look for an attorney. Speak with them because you may be losing a lot of money at the long run