Health Care Fraud Frequently Asked Questions

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How can a fraud in the healthcare system affect a common citizen?

Healthcare fraud has a huge impact on the quality of health care provided to people and on the costs on consumers, employers and taxpayers. It also harms people who are subject to unneeded serviceids or serviceids provided by not licensed providers or not qualified providers. Learn More

What are types of healthcare fraud?

Double billing for the same procedure, dispensing generic medications and billing for branded medications, billing for unnecessary serviceids, and billing for serviceids not actually performed or a more expensive serviceid than they actually rendered, among others. Learn More

What should I do if I believe there is healthcare fraud going on?

You can call the Insurance Company; you can also contact the state agency responsible for fraud fighting in the health care system and file a complaint with the State Medical Board. Learn More

How can I stop fraud in the healthcare system?

Be alert when reading your Explanation of Benefit; make sure all the serviceids listed were received. Do not give your health insurance identification number or personal information over the phone to anyone. Do know your warning signs. Learn More

How does healthcare fraud happen?

Sometimes the federal government cant spot a healthcare fraud because the counterfeit payment information is covered up. Some healthcare companies like to show some serviceids were performed or required by using medical terminology that seems genuine. Generally, whistleblowers in these types of cases are employees who are aware of company practices. These individuals may become a bit concerned about job security. Thats why the law protects them from any discrimination or retaliation. They may even be entitled to some compensation in the event harassment occurs. A criminal defense lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm can review your claim and talk about possible outcomes. Learn More

What is patient neglect?

We always expect our loved ones to receive the best care possible when we entrust them to a care facility. Although there is no doubt most facilities try their best to ensure the safety and comfort of their residents, sometimes there are situations in which abuse and neglect may occur. This is a serious crime that should be handled by the law. Patients are entirely dependent upon the care and the serviceids provided by these facilities. An attorney from Gallardo Law Firm can help you investigate these crimes. We are devoted to ensuring the safety of patients at these facilities. Learn More

What are the penalties for health care fraud?

There are both civil and criminal penalties for health care fraud. State and federal health care fraud charges can lead to severe consequences when a person is convicted. Criminal penalties will have fines, prison and restitution (compensating the victim for any money lost caused by the fraud). Civil penalties involve the victim having to pay only for restitution. There is no jail time or fines caused by civil penalties. Learn More

Why should someone become a whistleblower and how much money they get?

By becoming a whistleblower you are fighting corruption and fraud. Its very honorable doing so and you may be entitled to some compensation as well. Although whistleblowers can potentially receive millions of dollars, it all depends on the size of the fraud and what was collected under a False Claims Act case. Remember you may face flashback from the company and your career may be at risk. This is why the government offers incentives, which can sometimes amount to millions of dollars. Learn More