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If I Get Hurt On The Job, What Are My Rights?
By Elvis John Adan On Oct 12, 2017

If I Get Hurt On The Job, What Are My Rights? Elvis John Adan, a workers Comp lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm explains in this video the two major rights that employees have after get injured at workplace: medical treatment and temporary, temporary partial or permanent disabilty....

Gallardo Law Firm
By Jesús Novo On Sep 16, 2017

Gallardo Law Firm exists to serve those who find it difficult to obtain competent legal advice and reasonably economical....

Car Accident Lawyer Miami
On Sep 29, 2015

The professional advice and representation of a car accident lawyer can make the difference in the successful outcome of a car accident case...

Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami
On Sep 29, 2015

Slip and fall accident can be dangerous for your integrity and cause you long term harms. Seek legal advice if you have suffered injuries from slip and fall accident and you consider that you deserve compensation for your injuries. ...

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer
On Sep 28, 2015

Have you been in an accident at work or anywhere else?. Have you been injured by a person or organization? Contact Gallardo law Firm....