Brain Injuries Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury usually results from a violent jolt on the head that may affect the cognitive functions of your brain. In such cases, you need a brain injury lawyer that knows what to do in this type of situation and how to protect your legal rights so that you receive fair compensation from the party responsible for your accident and traumatic brain injury. Learn More

How many people suffer from TBI?

It's hard to know exactly, but almost 1.7 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injury every year. The most alarming statistics is that more than 52,000 people die from Type 1 TBI and approximately 125,000 are affected for a lifetime by Type 2 TBI. In any of these two cases, both victims and their families should ask our brain injury lawyers to assist them in alleviating some of the trauma associated with these injuries and help them improve the quality of life. Learn More

What can cause a brain injury?

The causes of TBI include slip and fall accidents, vehicle accidents, sports injuries, violence, and combat injuries. Learn More

What are the costs associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer?

The costs are based on the specifics of your case. Each case has unique elements and different aspects to consider. Brain injury lawyers, like all other attorneys, can reach an agreement with their clients. Our first consultation is free, so we always recommend that you come in person. If you want more information, check out our contingency fees article for our current fees. Learn More

What type of legal claim can I file if I suffered a brain injury?

Your claim is based on the circumstances of your brain injury. You can file a claim if you were involved in a traffic accident or if you fell and tripped, if you were assaulted or experienced an accident at work. If you were hospitalized due to malpractice or carelessness by the hospital responsible for the brain injury, you might also have grounds to file a claim. All these are situations that allow legal representation and demand compensation. When in doubt, remember that our first consultation is free of charge and Gallardo Law Firm’s experienced brain injury lawyers are always at your disposal. Learn More

What are some of the benefits I can receive when an attorney represents me? Are my therapies covered? Will I receive financial compensation?

It all depends on the severity of your injury and what you may need to recover. Of course, an excellent personal injury lawyer with the right information and experience can win your case and demand fair compensation. Some of the benefits a brain injury lawyer may seek on your behalf include: 1- Financial compensation to cover the costs of doctor appointments, treatments, therapies, and transportation. 2- Days of work missed and compensation for all the suffering caused not only to you but your family members as well. Learn More

I had an accident several years ago. Can I still present my case?

Time is an ally that should work in our favor. Although your accident happened some time ago, it doesn’t mean your case will be dismissed immediately. Sometimes some people find out about their injuries long after the accident occurred. To avoid this type of situation, it is always recommended that you seek medical attention immediately after the accident and call your attorney before submitting any statements that may compromise your case and ability to obtain just compensation. Learn More

How do doctors diagnose someone with TBI?

Doctors can diagnose a brain injury with the following tests: X-rays, Tomography, MRI, Vision and hearing tests, psychological assessment, and blood test. Learn More

I suffered a brain injury while playing sports. Can I file a claim?

Sports leagues, schools, coaches must all take the necessary precautions so that athletes are not injured. Our first consultation at Gallardo Law Firm is free of charge. We will study your case and determine the best course of action, whether you can file a claim and receive compensation. Learn More

I slipped and fell while on someone's property. I hit my head and sustained severe injuries. Can I file a lawsuit?

If the evidence shows that the property owner did not handle the situation that led to your accident correctly, our brain injury lawyers in Miami can help you file your case based on the laws that may apply to your specific situation. Learn More