Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

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I did not have my helmet on during my motorcycle accident. Can I receive compensation?

If your state has a cause related to the use of your helmet, you may receive compensation for this. Receiving payment for a motorcycle accident involves the types of negligence, comparative and cooperative. For more details, you should come to Gallardo for a free consultation, and we will give you more information. Learn More

What kind of lawyer can help me if I have an accident on my motorcycle?

You need a personal injury lawyer, and it can also be a motorcycle accident lawyer, like the ones we have at Gallardo Law Firm. Learn More

I was involved in a motorcycle accident, but I do not have a motorcycle license, can I receive compensation?

The cases may vary from state to state. You can receive a compensation benefit if the state you live in does not require you to have an exclusive license. We always advise to come into our law firm and ask us your questions to know more details about your situation and how we can help you. Learn More

I had an accident, and a vehicle made a left in front of me while I was on my motorcycle. Who is guilty?

A car that turns to the left is responsible for the crash. There are exceptions, but this rule is almost automatic. Learn More

What is "comparative negligence" mean when determining who is responsible for a traffic accident?

Comparative negligence distributes guilt among drivers involved in an accident. An example of recurrence of relative neglect could be the brake light or the backlight of the motorcycle in white, primarily if the crash were at night. Learn More

Should I call a motorcycle accident attorney immediately after the accident occurs?

If you cannot meet with a lawyer immediately, it is imperative that you do not admit to any mistakes, or sign any document to preserve your rights. Take pictures of your injuries, damages to your motorcycle, and make copies of the medical bill records. All this information is crucial when presenting your case. The faster you seek legal advice, the better for your situation. Call Gallardo Law Firm today! Learn More