Slip and Fall Frequently Asked Questions

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If one person falls because of a broken pathway and is injured, can he or she sue the city?

A person injured may have a case against the city in a situation like this, because municipalities are obliged to keeping the streets and pavements repaired. The injured party might have a favorable case against the city if he can prove that the sidewalk was not in perfect condition and on account of this was that the accident happened. There are time limits and requirements for filing the notice of complaints to the municipalities. A Slip and Fall Attorney Miami can advise you about what to do in these cases. Learn More

When the law is involved if an owner "should have known" concerning a dangerous condition on property?

Most of the time, the law recognize that a landlord "should have known" about a hazardous condition when it has been around for a long time, so that a reasonably thorough person should have seen. Learn More

What benefits can be obtained when a slip and fall event is won in Florida?

If the injured party wins the case, the Court shall decide how much money to offset the injury. That quantity may include: Medical expenses. Wages not received, either at the time of injury and time to be off work for injuries. Permanent Disability Emotional Distress Other expenditures directly related to the injury Learn More

How much money can be given by a slip and fall accident?

Each slip and fall accident is evaluated on each case individually. The values of claims vary widely depending on the circumstances of the accident, so it is impossible to give an overall figure for assessing an accident of this type. Some cases end up with large sums in verdicts or settlements, while others have less value. Learn More

What about if a loved one is involved in the slip and fall accident and I dont want to sue the person?

When someone falls, for example, in a family members front steps, suing the loved one never crosses the mind. These misunderstandings are very common in slip and fall accidents. Its important to remember that you are not suing the property owner but the insurance company therefore the homeowners insurance will cover the costs. Its up to you if you want to sue or not. Insurances are there to take care of things when they happen. Learn More

What are some slips and falls causes?

Some common causes for slip and fall are: Worn down, torn or raised carpet Poor lighting When foods and drinks are spilled Pavements with defects Holes in the ground Damaged handrails Damaged wires and electrical cords Learn More

Is it necessary to have an accident report when I fall, similar to car accidents?

This is not required by law. Nevertheless, when it happens in a business or store, there may be a policy requiring a report. Accidents reports are great because they have significant evidence about the accident. Those in charge of filling out the reports can gather information relevant to your case. Learn More

Should I seek medical treatment, even when I havent suffered any injuries?

Sometimes a minor injury can become a problem later on. You should be examined at an emergency room or by your doctor as soon as you can. Your treatment will be determined by your medical providers. If you are not satisfied with your treatment, you can always seek a second opinion. Just follow your doctors recommendations. Learn More