Wrongful Death FAQs

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What is a wrongful death claim?

Wrongful death is a legal term given to the event in which an individual dies as a result of negligence or intentional actions. More than one person can be held liable for such an event. Learn More

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Wrongful Death Law in Florida allows the survivors of the deceased to seek compensation for lost services and support after the death of their loved one. The survivors that may qualify to file a suit include a spouse, child or parent and any other relative or adoptive brother. There is a limited time to sue for wrongful death in Florida; failure to file within the time may prohibit the potential plaintiff to seek compensation for their losses. Learn More

Do I have a legitimate wrongful death lawsuit?

The wrongful death law is different for each state, and each state court has its particular rules and procedures. To find out if you have a legitimate wrongful death claim and how to proceed in your case, you should talk with a lawyer specializing in this type of process in Miami Florida. Learn More

How much does a case cost?

This is one of the most challenging questions to answer. To analyze how much your wrongful death lawsuit can cost, the magnitude of your losses will be discussed, as well as the details of the case. The cost of a case is established based on factors such as: 1- Medical Bills. 2- Future medical expenses. 3- Wages. 4- The loss of labor capacity. 5- Pain and Suffering. Learn More

How long does my wrongful death lawsuit take?

It is difficult to determine how long it will take to settle a wrongful death lawsuit because each case is unique. A wrongful death could be solved in a few months, while others may take years to complete. Learn More

When should I file a claim?

You should speak with a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible after the loss. Failure to file within the limited time, known as the statute of limitations, may prevent the victim from recovering compensation for damages. Learn More

Who can be held liable for wrongful death?

In order to determine responsibility, it is necessary to contact a wrongful death lawyer to discuss your case. More than one individual may be liable for your injuries and loss. Depending on the damage the responsibility may fall in a hospital, the doctor, the driver of a vehicle, the driver of a truck, the employer or the manufacturer of a drug. Learn More