Child Custody FAQs

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What is the definition of child custody rights?

It is the right and obligation that is attributed to one spouse to care for, attend and make decisions about the children. Learn More

What do judges rely on to decide on child custody?

In court, judges rely on several factors to decide which parent will get granted custody including physical and mental stability. Learn More

How much money do I have to pay if I have child custody of my son?

The judge decides based on parental income, number of children, and expenditures to raise the child. Learn More

What happens when the parent is required to pay child support?

The money generally can be deducted directly from salary. The courts can confiscate cars, property or bank accounts for parental responsibility. Also refunds of federal and state taxes may be withheld and parents who do not pay can be jailed. Even if the father declares bankruptcy, the cost of child support statistic has to be paid. Learn More

When there is domestic abuse and child abuse in the relationship, what can happen?

If there has been a history of domestic abuse, the court may not grant joint custody automatically. The court may grant joint custody after domestic abuse only if the parental responsibility for the actions of children is not affected. You may also start an action under the Domestic Abuse Act for an order of protection. You can call the police for an alleged domestic abuse. Learn More

If there is legal joint custody, how does the court decide with whom the child lives?

The court may give primary care to children living with that parent more time with the other parent. The court may give custody to both parents for equal time. Learn More

How do I know if I have full custody of my child and how do I file for child custody?

If you are married to the other parent, or form a pair of recorded fact, you can request child custody. If you do not want a divorce, legal separation or annulment, you can start a case in court presenting the petition for custody and support of minor children. Moreover if the parents are not married and do not form a legally married couple, you may request orders for child custody. You can go to Gallardo Law Firm for more information and legal advice. Learn More

Can a custodial parent move out of state?

The parent who has custody of the child can move to another state but has to agree with the other parent to do so. We suggest that you sign an agreement of views, food and everything else in writing. Learn More

How to file for visitation in Florida and how to get visitation rights?

Locate the information given above and contact Gallardo Law Firm where we will give you all the information you may need. Learn More