Prenuptial Agreement FAQs

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Who are the ideal candidates to sign a prenuptial agreement in Miami Florida?

Are all those people who marry several times and want to maintain the properties acquired in the previous marriage. There are also high business owners millions in companies that already have a high economic level acquired by inheritance or by the effort of their work and do not want to split their property if divorce occurs. Or couples who simply want to maintain their economy and start with great confidence and trust her marriage. Learn More

The prenuptial agreement includes the rights and duties of children?

A prenuptial agreement is not taken into account custody and child support that will during the marriage. In case a divorce, our family law attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm will take care of all the paperwork relationships with food assistance, education and development of children. Learn More

What would happen if my partner and I got married without prenuptial?

Under Florida prenuptial agreement law any married couple after divorce are entitled to equitable property separate, so if you did not take a prenuptial agreement before marriage Florida then they would have to submit a process of equality division of property Miami. Learn More

Typical prenuptial agreement must be signed before a notary mandatory?

Sure, but prenuptial agreements are treated verbally in front of witnesses, are not considered legal and thus have no validity. You need to visit the family lawyers at Gallardo Law Firm, whose draft and sign the agreement and establish who has legal grounds. Learn More

What is the difference between equitable distribution and community property?

The main difference between them is based on community property in both parties have rights to equitably divide property acquired during the marriage, while the separate property before marriage is established through a notarized agreement legally declares that when divorce occurs there will be no equitable division of property, each member of the marriage will belong what your job or acquired by inheritance. Learn More

So that I need the help of a mediator premarital?

Through the help of a mediator, couples discussed their expectations of children and property rights. They also talk about what should happen in the event of a separation. This document must be written and reviewed by their lawyers. This serves as cheaper alternative regular prenuptial agreements. Learn More

What would be the cost of a prenuptial agreement in Miami?

Costs are given in dependence on the state and city where you are. You need to contact Gallardo Law Firm in Miami where will provide all the information that you need. Learn More

What is a prenup?

Prenup is an agreement that two couple do it before a marriage. Learn More

If I die as would be prenuptial agreement and death?

If you die, you had to establish in the prenup some testament or otherwise complies with all previously agreed. Learn More