Modify Divorce Decree Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the definition that determines a modification of a divorce decree?

The definition of modifications of divorce decrees merely changes to a divorce after it is set by a judge in court. All it takes is one of the parties involved in the divorce to disagree or want to change the established conventions. Learn More

Is it necessary that the other person who signed the divorce decree is informed when a change in my financial economy?

The divorce decree states that the obligations about the child support and spousal agreements are established based on the profits obtained by each party to the marriage, so if after a party suffers some changes in finance has to inform the other person as may occur any change in the sentencing order . It is an obligation issued by the judge to make the reporting of changes in finance. Learn More

Why is it necessary for me to get a family lawyer to modify and enforce marital settlement agreements?

The family lawyers in Miami know the law and are willing to help you in modification of divorce settlement. When you sign the divorce decree, there is mandatory compliance with the terms, and ignorance can bring future problems and may even violate the order. Failure to comply with a court order can lead to contempt and thus to jail. It is therefore very important that you contact one of our lawyers at Gallardo Law Firm to represent you from the beginning of this legal separation to the end. Learn More

What are the reasons that a person may have for wanting to modify the divorce decree?

One of the important factors to keep in mind is that the terms in the first agreement signed suffered great transformations. If a former spouse has lost the same amount of earnings before makes it impossible to comply with contract specifications and secondly if it increased profits could also make the modification of divorce orders. Learn More

What if my ex-wife refuses it to continue with the visits to my children?

Visits to children is one of the rights in the divorce agreement therefore this cannot occur in challenge compliance. If your former spouse refuses to visit their children, then they have to start legal proceedings to enforce the visitation rights. You will need to have well documented the dates of the visits because in this case it is very difficult to prove that his ex-wife was not interfering with visitation. Learn More