Paternity Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we define the parenthood?

Parenthood is established when a man has been proven to be the biological father of the child through DNA testing and official court order. Once both parents sign the parental parents. Learn More

How can I establish parenthood for my child?

The mother or father can complete an application for serviceids and parental affidavit. If the parent is not willing to sign the affidavit, Gallardo Law Firm can order DNA test to determine parenthood. Learn More

My sons father lives out of town, what can I do?

If the parent lives outside the state of Florida, we can ask the other state to help establish parenthood. States have an agreement that allows the child support enforcement. Gallardo Law Firm can help the mother prove who the father is, even though he lives in a different state. Each state operates under the same basic guidelines, but the processes and deadlines vary from state to state. Learn More

The father of my child has a good relationship with both the child and I; will be necessary to establish paternity?

It is necessary to establish paternity in order to preserve the legal rights of the child and the parent and to protect the mother and the rights of the child in case the parent should need help from the family. Learn More

Can I order the parental ties even if the mother objects?

Yes, you have the right to establish legal paternity of her child, unless there are external factors that force the mother to object. Learn More

The father of my son says he is not sure that hes the father, how can I show that he is the biological father?

In Gallardo, a Miami paternity attorney can order a parenthood test to determine if there is a genetic match between parent and child. These results of genetic testing can establish parental ties. Each party in a contested paternity case must submit to genetic testing. Learn More

I would take parental responsibility for my son but his mother has a child custody. Can I getcustody through a court order against her for domestic abuse?

The Florida State grants protection to your child if it is determined that the mother has abused the child. You may request forms to ask the court for temporary child custody for a domestic violence. This agreement has an expiration date, so you must complete the process of establishing full parenthood before the deadline provided by the judge. Gallardo Law Firm in Miami has the willingness and ability to help obtain parenthood, making an injunction against domestic violence. Learn More

Do I have to establish parenthood for my children?

Yes. Children are the product of conjugal acts of the parents. Every child has a mother and a father, therefore they are held responsible for providing the child with all basic needs. Learn More

How much does paternity test cost?

The cost of a parenthood test may vary from state to state; it depends on the law firm. It is important to note that there are a number of different factors that determine the total cost of your paternity testing. Learn More

If I dont have money to pay child support when parenthood is established, what do I do?

The judge will check whether you are working or have an income that allows you to help support your child. If you have no way of getting money, the judge may order you to find a job as soon as possible to provide some child support. Learn More

When can I establish parenthood of my child?

Establishing parenthood would be ideal when the baby is born. If this is not the case, you should visit Gallardo Law Firm as soon as possible to receive legal advice on your case and begin the process. Learn More