Bankruptcy Miami: The Cost of Living in the Magic City

Bankruptcy Miami: The Cost of Living in the Magic City

By Emma Johnson
On 18 Feb, 2016

    Miami has many attractions you can enjoy such as the beaches, the downtown life, countless restaurants and nightlife. But living in such a magical city has a very high price and that is the cost of living there. South Florida in general is more expensive than less populated northern states and as a result of the many expenses, citizens have to declare bankruptcy Miami.

    Since the recession the bankruptcy Florida rate has been very high with about 30,000 bankruptcy declarations a year. Miami house prices are sky high as the current average is roughly $200,000 or more depending on the location whereas just a few years before houses were much less expensive. Bankruptcy Miami has several factors like to paying rent which can easily be more than $1500 a month even in the cheapest areas. The bankruptcy Miami rate varies by county as some areas of Miami are much pricier than others.

    Living in a luxurious city such as Miami can be overwhelming and it important to be mindful of your spending, this way you manage your funds and enjoy life in the magic city! As of February 2016 the average gas prices Miami Dade County is roughly $1.72 per gallon, factoring traffic and the kind of car you drive, this can easily add up. Try saving more money by walking, using public transportation, or carpooling. Vacation wise, Miami hotel prices can be very high. While planning a weekend getaway try to book a hotel when tourist season is not active, small changes can add to your savings and help you keep bankruptcy at bay.

    When there is a possibility of bankruptcy in your life, it can be a very uncertain time for you and your loved ones. Gallardo Law Firm has Florida bankruptcy lawyers who can help sort out bankruptcy issues and attend to your needs and concerns. A bankruptcy attorney Miami will be there to answer your questions and will help you through this troubling time.