Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 18 Jul, 2015

    How Much Does a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer Cost?

    Since individuals considering bankruptcy are often under a lot of financials tress, it’s crucial to find a bankruptcy attorney who charges reasonable lawyer fees. Finding a good law firm that will honestly disclose all fees associated with your bankruptcy case will help you avoid unnecessary headaches. At Gallardo law Firm we charge a flat fee at all times for these specific cases. Our main goal is to be honest with our clients and do our job with utmost integrity.

    It’s important to consider your current financial situation. Perhaps your finances are affecting your health, happiness, and life as a whole. You can’t put monetary value on these things. This is why we advise our clients struggling with debt to take action as soon as possible. Oftentimes, inaction can cost much more in the long run than the costs involved with hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.

    Flat Fees versus Hourly Fees

    It’s important you ask your attorney about what types of fees are involved in your bankruptcy case. If the attorney works with flat fees, ask about other costs such as court costs and about when to pay them. You should also find out about an estimate of the final cost, any extra expenses that need to be paid and when they need to be paid.

    Most lawyers, especially bankruptcy lawyers, prefer payment in full before representing you in a bankruptcy case. This means you pay a fixed amount, regardless of the time devoted to your case. Other attorneys will charge an hourly rate. This is not a common scenario in consumer bankruptcy cases. Generally, you are charged a flat fee, and an hourly rate for any extra work required such as defending the client against an objection to discharge. We strongly advise setting a budget before hiring a bankruptcy attorney since the costs can be unpredictable. Flat fees are generally safer, but in most cases, the client has to pay them up front.

    Why Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer to Represent You

    Since there is only one chance to get it right when filing bankruptcy, you should not risk it with a lawyer that has little or no experience in these types of cases. An attorney who graduated from a good law school and has years of experience will have what it takes to properly represent you. However, they will also charge you more. Yet remember a good representation will cost you. You should never sacrifice experience for cheap representation.

    At Gallardo Law Firm we work with our clients to create an affordable bankruptcy based on their individual needs. Although hiring a bankruptcy attorney can be a difficult decision to make at first, it’s also a good investment that will secure a financially stable future. An open discussion with your attorney before hiring will help clarify things before making the final decision.

    Some legal fees are negotiable, but this is something you need to discuss before hiring your attorney. Once you know how much you will be charged, you can make an intelligent decision when hiring the right bankruptcy attorney in Miami to represent you.