Good Credit Score Benefits

Good Credit Score Benefits

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 29 Apr, 2016

    There are many factors that may contribute to getting ready for mortgage payments, new credit cards, and moving into somewhere new. In order for these things to go smoothly when going through these endeavors you must pay your bills on time. One of most major factors to ensuring that you’re proved for leases, loans, and things of that nature is to make sure you have a good credit score. Establishing credit is first step to multiple benefits that will make your life easier; however, if you’re not careful there could be serious consequences due to bad credit.

    There are several advantages to having a good credit score including:

    • Qualification for credit card deals: this can mean rewards, cash back, and low interest rates.
    • Lower interest rates on loans: a good credit score can lead to lower rates.
    • Smaller financing rates for a car lease: a better score can help with negotiation for lower prices
    • Getting an apartment: a high credit score can determine financial trustworthiness to a potential landlord.
    • Reasonable car insurance rates: you could have lower monthly premiums.
    • Buying a home: home loans will be more accessible with a higher credit score.
    • Home utility accounts: approval for these services can occur much faster with good credit.

    Consequences of having a bad credit score include:

    • Lack of approval on loan and credit applications
    • Not getting approved for apartments
    • High interest rates on loans and credit cards
    • Denial for employment
    • High insurance premiums
    • Trouble getting approved for home utility accounts
    • Being unable to lease or purchase a vehicle

    As you can see there are many positives and negatives to think about when maintaining a credit score. Money management and paying loans and bills on time are keys to a good credit score. Nevertheless, when it comes to financial decisions, mistakes are inevitable. If you find yourself facing bankruptcy, contact Gallardo Law Firm right away. A bankruptcy attorney Miami will be there to help.