Best Credit Score Ratings Awarded to Coral Gables

Best Credit Score Ratings Awarded to Coral Gables

By Claire Gray
On 12 Apr, 2016

    2016 so far has been an important year for Coral Gables. With the approval of the Miracle Mile streetscape contract and now the city of Coral Cable has received a top credit score rating. The historic Miracle Mile with the streetscape contract will now have the width of sidewalks expanded for a pedestrian friendly atmosphere, parallel parking sections will also be installed and new trees for outdoor cafes will also be added. All these factors could have contributed to the higher credit score ratings Coral Gables received.

    American financial services company Standard & Poor’s upgraded Coral Gables credit score ratings from AA+ to AAA. This is great news for the city of Coral Gables as AAA is the highest possible rating that can be received. As positive credit score ratings are such an important part of financial success this is a big plus for the city. Coral Gables strong city management has rebuilt its general balance of funds and has inputted policies to keep reserves strong all the while addressing its underfunded pension system.

    However, Coral Gables is anticipating the capital improvement revenue issue, these bonds were separately rated AA+ by Standard and Poor’s. These bonds are going to be financed through special established areas on Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue which was agreed upon in the streetscape contract during approval. It was established that the Coral Gables Business Improvement District’s property owners and the city will split the cost of these improvements.

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