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Malaysia flight 370 Still Unsolved

One mystery still following the world is the missing Malaysia Flight 370, which disappeared two years ago on March 8, 2014. There is no evidence indicating whether or not human error had anything to do with the probable crash. Several lawsuits have been filed against Malaysian Airlines, Rolls-Royce the jet engine manufacturer, and the Malaysian government as

Florida Medical Marijuana: A Controversial Amendment

As everyone knows the culture of medical marijuana is spreading across the country. There is a fairly recent amendment that would implement the legal usage of medical marijuana in the state of Florida. The reason Florida medical marijuana might become a reality is that the last time this was...

Texting while driving in Florida

The growing popularity of text messaging has caused the growing epidemic of texting while driving, which has become a major cause of car accidents and as a result action has been taken to change driving laws. In Miami, drunken driving is at an all-time low, but it seems that ...

Electronic Cigarette exploded in South Florida

Evan Spahlinger was severely injured when his electronic cigarette exploded. As the cigarette was in his mouth at the time of the explosion, his lungs are damaged and he was put into a medically induced coma to cope with the extent of his injuries. Spahlinger, still suffering from the results of this malfunction, proceeded with filing a personal injury lawsu

Self-Driving Car on the road by 2020!

Google’s latest endeavor is the creation of the self-driving car. Since its announcement in 2012, the self-driving car has been a major topic amongst drivers and pedestrians alike. Google and Ford Motor Company have agreed to work together on this project. However, what does all this mean for Miami?...

Florida Highway Safety Ranking Among the Worst

As the technological age advances with the latest smart phones and radios, there are more distractions while driving, which have caused Florida highway safety to rank among the lowest in the United States. A few of the main reasons Florida highway safety is ranked so low is due to the fact that Florida only has six laws enforcing highway safety and lack laws

Hit and Run in Miami

The sudden and unexpected death of a family member forever changes the lives of those they leave behind. This is what happened to the Reyes family when Alejandro Alvarez struck and killed husband and father Walter Reyes and injured his riding companion Henry Hernandez.

Prescription Drug Abuse

In today’s society prescription drugs such as painkillers, stimulants, and anti-anxiety drugs are commonly abused. These drugs have a severe effect on the health of the individual abusing it. Prescription drug abuse is a serious health concern nationwide. While many people take their meds responsibly there are a high percentage of individuals dealing with pr