Florida: don’t get burned by legal weed

Florida: don’t get burned by legal weed

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 18 Nov, 2016

    After one of the most polarizing Presidential elections in recent US history, there is one issue on which voters across the union agreed on: marijuana reform. Already being touted as one of the most important moments in the history of marijuana legalization movements, states across the union voted for legalizing the medical or recreational use of pot.

    In Florida, the medical use of Low THC and Medical Marijuana passed by 70 %, meaning that come January 2017, patients suffering from certain conditions, as defined by the Florida law, and obtain clearance from a doctor, may be eligible for medical cannabis.

    How is medical marijuana consumed?

    Pot technology has evolved and patients can now vaporize THC oil, eliminating the hazardous smoke of traditional smoking methods. Vaporizing heats the cannabis to upwards of 325°F boiling the THC which is then inhaled via the vaporizer, or vape pen.

    In recent news, several people have come forward claiming they were hurt when their vaping devices caught fire. Victims suffered severe burns and other injuries, including damage that required skin and bone grafts. Investigations have found the issue is not with the medical cannabis vaporizers themselves, but with the battery inside being mismatched to the charger. Vape companies have come out warning to only use the batteries and charges that come with or are made for the specific vape pen. It’s also suggested that devices be kept out of pockets and purses to avoid rubbing against coins potentially causing the device to ignite.

    If you find yourself injured by your vape device in Florida, seek medical attention, and then contact the personal injury team at the Gallardo Law Firm. Our attorneys are well-versed in product liability negligence cases, and tort law.

    There are certainly pros and cons of legalizing weed; it is our responsibility as legal professionals, to ensure that marijuana companies distribute pot and it’s devices for consumption responsibly.

    Don’t get burned by the legal marijuana industry, call the product liability attorneys at the Gallardo Law Firm.