Distracted walking linked to deadly accidents

Distracted walking linked to deadly accidents

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 17 Apr, 2019

    Distracted walking has become a primary concern in South Florida. Many pedestrians in Miami put others at risk when distracted especially while crossing our congested roads. Several studies agree that distracted walking is the leading cause of many catastrophic road accidents. Unfortunately, these type of accidents are linked to severe injuries that may require urgent care.

    Texting while walking

    This distraction is so common these days. An average of 1000 emergency room visits in the US every year is related to talking and texting on the cellphone. Surprised? We all need our cellphones to stay in touch, work, and the list goes on. But the 24/7 availability of the Internet can become your worst enemy if you are not watchful. Putting your phone away while you are crossing the street and doing other important things is key to keeping danger at bay.

    Remember that when you text someone, you are looking down, which takes away your eyes from the road. Pedestrian safety is no joke. Based on the level of severity, these accidents may require hospitalization, and costly bills you may not be able to afford unless you hire an experienced Miami pedestrian accident attorney to represent you.

    Who is at fault for pedestrian accidents?

    Distracted pedestrians can be as dangerous as inattentive drivers. Stepping out in front of an oncoming vehicle can result in a deadly accident and fatal injuries. In the state of Florida, pedestrians are liable for their injuries if they fail to yield the right-of-way to drivers because they weren’t paying attention. In other words, if the pedestrian caused the accident, he or she might not be eligible for compensation based on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

    Distracted driving, on the other hand, puts the lives of others at risk. A person driving irresponsibly can risk the lives of others while a distracted walker is a danger to him or herself only. So in a way distracted driving is more dangerous than distracted walking. As a pedestrian, however, you should put your phone away and stay alert.

    Pedestrian safety tips

    • When crossing the road, use traffic signals if available and cross at a corner or intersection.
    • Always look left, right, and left when crossing the street and be watchful as you cross.
    • Be especially careful when crossing intersections, driveways, and alley entrances.
    • You can make eye contact, wear bright colors or carry a flashlight at night to make sure you are seen.
    • Walk on the sidewalk as much as possible.
    • Avoid alcohol and other drugs since they may impair your ability to walk safely
    • Don’t use your cellphone while crossing busy streets.

    Distracted walking indoors

    If you are walking in a business and looking down on the phone, you could trip over items on the floor and fall. But who is responsible for such accident? Business owners with video surveillance can prove who is at fault and win the lawsuit if there is video evidence that you were texting while walking. Other forms of evidence such as texting records, witness accounts are also valid. This is why it is essential you hire a Miami personal injury attorney to investigate your circumstances.

    Whether you need a car accident attorney or pedestrian accident lawyer in Miami, don’t delay and call us today!