Texting while driving in Florida

Texting while driving in Florida

By Claire Gray
On 09 Feb, 2016

    Life is full of distractions that may claim our time and take away from our everyday tasks. These days one of the biggest distractions of all can actually be your cell phone. While at work, with family or out with friends, and even at the gym, your cell phone goes off at any given moment with a bunch of seemingly urgent notifications that demand our attention. The growing popularity of text messaging has caused the growing epidemic of texting while driving, which has become a major cause of car accidents and as a result action has been taken to change driving laws.

    In Miami, drunken driving is at an all-time low, but it seems that texting while driving has taken its place. Since 2007, texting has been the standard perk of almost any cell phone. Texting while driving has become one of the most dangerous things that can be done while behind the wheel of a car since it’s not seen as a hazard or dangerous act that may lead to a car accident.

    Car crashes involved with cell phone usage often result in fatality or serious injury. With the world at the tap of the screen on most cells, surfing the internet or posting a picture is just as much of a distraction as text messaging. This is a major problem for teenage drivers. A recent report indicates although teens make up five percent of drivers, they cause more than ten percent of these accidents.

    Car accident laws in Florida dictate that texting-and-driving is not a first grade offense but rather a secondary infraction. Legislation is working on Florida accident laws and enforce consequences for texting while driving, especially as this distraction is the cause of many major accidents. Several other states have already successfully implemented anti texting while driving laws. Within the next few months, it will be seen if these laws will pass.

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