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What is the difference between arrest and conviction?

An arrest is the act of being seized by legal authority and taken into custody. This does not mean that any criminal behavior was involved or that the individual was found guilty of any crime. The District Attorney will later then let you know if you are taking on charges for a crime or not. If the prosecutor decides to impute a crime, the charges may be dismissed at the end of the trial. Whether or not you are charged with a criminal offense, you may face charges, have to attend trial, and be acquitted, so we must be clear on whether or not someone has merely been arrested or convicted and found guilty of any crime. A conviction on the other hand is when you have already established a file with the court and were found guilty of a crime disregarding the level of severity and will then convey a reflection on your record, and regardless of the amount of time in jail because there are other ways to pay fine sentences such as voluntary community serviceid. Learn More

Is it important to tell the truth?

You should know that it is very important to tell the truth as not doing so may cause more harm. Discussions had with your attorney remain confidential, so it is very important that you are honest with your defense team as you are their main source for pivotal information. Learn More

Do I benefit if I give myself voluntarily?

If a person gives themselves voluntarily before charges are filed, it is possible that charges may be reduced. It is seen approvingly by judges and does work in your favor. Learn More

Who are the ideal candidates to opt for a business visa USA: E-1 / E-2 / EB-5 Miami Florida?

E1 visas are especially for individuals who hold a business purchase sale showing that the U.S. has high levels of skill to run the business. The E2 visa is for certain direct investors own business or they are in the investment process. The EB 5 visa requirements are for employers to citizens of foreign countries that have free trade agreements with the United States, investing a lot of capital in the business and that the company generates large jobs. They are also candidates to opt for either of these visas, spouses and children less than 21 years of investors who qualify for immigration visa business in Miami Florida. Children dependents under the investor visa E are not allowed to work in the United States. Learn More

Can I opt for green card through business in the U.S. if I have a visa to EB -5 investors?

The investor visa eb-5 visa processing time depend of Consulate of country and it is awarded for a period of 2 year, after that time will be reviewed factors that led to you obtain the visa and with the immigration lawyers in Miami, you will be applied for obtaining investor visa green card in the United States. After 5 years of permanent residence, the investor can apply for U.S. citizenship. Learn More

Why is it important to get investor visa in the United States?

The United States has the largest economy worldwide, with the best technological advances and with millionaire companies that generate thousands of jobs each day ensuring a high standard of living and national security to its citizens and green card through investment. Investors also enjoy these benefits, and that material goods internationally diversify their capital raised is preserved and you dont have risk that the government confiscate your properties, as in some countries known or destruction by wars. They also allow you to bring the United States executive professionals in the countries that have free trade to conduct business within the territory. Learn More

What are the disadvantages of a visa for investors in Miami Florida?

The main disadvantage of investor visa in Miami Florida is granted only for a temporary period, at the end of this time the investor and his family must go back to his home country, unless their immigration status resolved before end the visa. Learn More

When the EB-5 investor visa program ends?

The EB-5 investor visa program expiration for a period of time that is set depending on the nationality of the applicant, since it depends on the trade agreement that has his country with the United States. Learn More

What is the significant investor visa program?

US immigration investor program is a visa requires foreign nationals are wishing to invest large capital in the American territory. Learn More

How does E2 visa work?

E2 visa processing time depends of consulate office and the E2 visa requirements come to the United States as developer or leader with 50% of an American business. The profits should not only be for the investor and his family also has to benefit the economy of the USA. Learn More

What is the EB 5 visa approval rate?

In most cases, the rates of approval of the eb-5 visa are rather high. The statistics are for examples in 2009, 94% of applications were approved and in 2010, 80% of the applications were approved. Learn More

Who are the eligible candidates for the J1 visa?

Eligible candidates for J1 Visa Waiver are all those citizens of one of 36 recognized countries by the U.S. government wishing to travel to the U.S. territory for pleasure or business reasons which are exempt from the formal request for visa at the American Consulate of the resident country. Learn More

What is meant by ESTA?

The ESTA was issued by the U.S. authorities from January 2009 with the main objective of forcing those citizens of countries under the Visa Waiver electronic authorization to travel to the U.S. The ESTA is not a legal visa for USA; it is only a travel permit. Learn More

Can you deny entry to the United States to an individual that belongs to one of the authorized Visa Waiver countries?

In some cases you may be denied, for example if the applicant has committed or may commit a criminal offense or conviction affecting state security, if you have been denied visas in previous times or if you do not comply with the U.S. immigration laws. For these cases the individual will need to request a formal visa issued by the immigration serviceid. Learn More

What is it meant by electronically readable passport?

Its called electronic passport the document that meets the international standards for passport issuance, which has a page with all the data of the individual, along with the machine readable lines according to the rules of the international aviation. Learn More

How long does it take to obtain the ESTA permit and for how long is it valid?

The ESTA permit does not take long. It is recommended that at least two days before the trip authorization should be requested. The entrance to American soil without this authorization is not allowed even if the person resides in one of the countries exempted from visa. After obtaining the approval of travel, it has a validity period of 2 years. For individuals presenting a passport dated less than 2 years, ESTA authorization will be provided. Learn More

Is any individual with an ESTA travel authorization allowed entry to the U.S.?

Not necessarily. U.S. Customs serviceid protection of the American territory has the right to allow or not any individual to enter the country. Learn More

Can I take advantage of the Visa Waiver Program if Im transiting through U.S. to another country?

If you stay in the United States, Canada, or adjacent islands for 90 days or less, and also meet other VWP requirements, you can use this program. A good example of this is when you are entering the U.S. on a trip between two other countries. If you have any VWP questions or concerns, you can ask an immigration attorney from Gallardo Law Firm to help you. Learn More

Can somebody use the Visa Waiver Program if their children are listed in the machine-readable passport?

Each person needs to have their own machine-readable passport, including children since they have essential biographic information for only one traveler. Your children need to have their own passport otherwise they will be denied their entry into the United States. Learn More

Are children required to travel with the fiance?

Your children can either accompany you on your first trip or come later on. They come to the United States within the 90 day period of their K-2 visas. You wont need separate applications if your children join you a year after the k-1 visa was issued. However, if they travel more than a year after, they wont qualify for the K-2 visas and therefore separate K-2 visas will be needed. Learn More

What can I do if my petition expires?

The I-129F petition will only be valid for four months from the date it was approved. The validity of the petition can be extended by a consular officer as long as it expires before the visa processing has been completed. Learn More

What are the medical exam and vaccination requirements?

Every applicant, regardless of age, must undergo a medical exam performed by an authorized panel doctor. Instructions regarding your medical examination will be provided by the United States Embassy or Consulate. You will have access to a list of panel physicians by country. Vaccinations are not required for K visas but they will be needed for adjustment of status once the applicant wishes to apply for a green card. Learn More

What are the ineligibilities for the fiance visa?

Some circumstances such as overstaying a former visa, drug trafficking, and submitting false documents can make the applicant ineligible. A Consular Officer will inform you if there is a waiver and how the waiver process works. Learn More

Does a visa guarantee entry into the United States?

A visa only allows you to travel to the U.S. However, the DHS or Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection are legally authorized to allow or deny entry into the country. At the port of entry you will show the CBP officer your visa, passport and the enveloped with all the required documents. Learn More

Is it possible to cancel the petition if I decide not to get married?

You should send a written request to the Embassy if you want to withdraw your petition, which should be notarized. This helps the USCIS recognize that you are personally requesting the petition withdrawal. Learn More

What happens if the marriage doesnt take place during the 90 days?

The 90 day period cannot be extended. If you decide not to get married for any reason, your fiancé (e) will have to go back to his or her country. Not complying with this is a violation of United States immigration law which may lead to deportation or it may also influence future admission into U.S. immigration matters. Learn More

What happens if the application was denied?

Even when the fiance visa petition is denied you can still appeal, generally within 33 days. The appeal is filed with the specific office making the decision. Hiring an immigration attorney will prove helpful in cases like these. Experienced immigration lawyers at Gallardo Law Firm can help you navigate your case with ease. Learn More

Is a medical examination mandatory for an immigrant visa?

Every applicant must undergo a medical examination before the issuance of a visa. The consular officer will decide which center they will send you to, and you must pay for the examination fees, in addition to the visa fees. Learn More

What is an affidavit of support?

If you are sponsoring an alien relative to come to the United States, you should be ready to accept legal responsibility over supporting this family member financially. When you accept this responsibility, you become your relatives sponsor by completing and signing a document known as an affidavit of support. Learn More

Who is eligible to be a sponsor?

Anyone over the age of 18 can sponsor an immigrant relative as long as they are either a U.S citizen or permanent resident. The sponsor must also have some kind of home or property in the United States or a territory or possession. The sponsor must prove that their household makes more than 125% more than the United States poverty level for a household of that size. For example, lets say your household is one of a family of 6. Your household income must be equal to 125% of the U.S poverty level for a family house of 6, or $29,612.00. Learn More