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How does a wrongful death lawsuit work?
By Natalia Timmons On Jul 20, 2018

A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal resource that protects the spouse, children under 25 years old, parents or other legal dependents of the decedent when the death has been caused by the negligence of other person or institution. For more information, watch the video....

What is a Medical malpractice lawsuit?
By Natalia Timmons On Jul 20, 2018

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider injures a patient due to negligence. You must start a lawsuit within two years from the day the injury occurred in the state of Florida. Learn more in the video....

What causes a pharmaceutical malpractice lawsuit?
By Natalia Timmons On Jul 20, 2018

A pharmaceutical malpractice lawsuit can be filed when someone is negligent, and as a consequence, a person gets injured or suffers damages. Natalia Timmons gives more information in the video....

Meet our Personal injury attorney Natalia Timmons
By Natalia Timmons On Apr 10, 2018

Natalia Timmons helps families in South Florida by providing them with sound legal advice in personal injury matters. She is committed to getting her clients the best possible results....