Temporary Worker Visa Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some privileges of the O-Visa?

Some of the benefits of the O-Visa are obtaining the visa quickly, and the ability of traveling in and out of the United States. Learn More

Can a petitioner of the O-3 Visa request an extension of time?

They could always ask for an extension of stay for their visa in the United States only if the petitioners of the O-1 or O-2 visas were granted an extension of time too. Learn More

What are some limitations and restrictions of the O-1 Visa?

With the O-1 Visa, the petitioner will only be able to commence their employment on the date authorized by the USCIS and terminated no later than the date authorized. Learn More

Who will be responsible of the expenses of the transportation back to my country if terminated for any reason other than self voluntary resignation?

In those circumstances, the employer will have to pay the reasonable costs of the transportation back to your country. Learn More

What Is the Time Period and Time Limits of a Temporary Worker Visa?

Each worker visa has a fixed time limit in which you can perform serviceids in the U.S. Some particular cases allow the extension of those time limits to help complete the serviceids. Subsequently, its necessary for the applicant to remain aboard for a determined amount of time before readmission as a temporary worker under any category. Learn More

Who is ineligible to receive visas?

There are different categories for this under United States laws. Sometimes the applicant who doesnt qualify as a temporary worker but yet he or she is classifiable as a short-term worker, may apply for an ineligibility waiver and be issued the visa as long as the waiver is approved. A consular can advise you of any waivers if you have been disqualified. Learn More

Can I bring any family member(s) as a temporary worker?

You can bring your spouse and minor unmarried children as long as you can probe that you will be able to support them. However, they cant accept employment in the U.S. (excluding L-1 and L-2 visa holders spouses). These individuals can engage in employment as long as they have a work permit or authorization. Learn More

What happens if your visa is denied?

When someone is denied the Temporary Worker Visa, he or she can reapply as long as there is a new evidence to remove the reasons for refusal in the past. If the applicant doesnt have new evidence, consular officers will not re-examine your case except when you hire an immigration attorney. Learn More