Non Immigrant Visa Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the concept of visa?

The visa is the mechanism that allows travelers to stay in the United States for a short of time. It is important to remember that individuals will be interviewed before entering by the customs territory officials; they have the right not to grant entry to the territory. The visa contains a date of issuance and a date of expiration as well as the quantity of times the applicant is allowed to enter the U.S. Learn More

Is there a difference between permanent residence and non-immigrant visas?

Yes, there is. The non-immigrant visas are granted temporarily in order to visit or work depending on the purpose of the visit and the time period granted. The individual has the right to renew. However, permanent residency allows the individual to reside, work, study permanently in the United States. (For more information about how to obtain permanent residency visit the permanent immigration related article on the website Tourist visas for USA only serve to visit the territory temporarily; citizens under these visitor visas cannot receive any monetary compensation. Learn More

Do G visas have to pay the amount set by USCIS?

Diplomats are exempt from payment the visa fee, they have to come to USA to work, they pay only if applying for visa with no official passports. Learn More

Who are eligible candidates to file for a U visa?

U visas are considered special immigrant visas and are for those people who have suffered from criminal violence or trafficking, for people with psychological problems resulting from violence, for the people who can help the police investigative a crime. Learn More

What are the requirements to consider when requesting a humanitarian nonimmigrant visa?

Any individual may apply for a humanitarian visa to enter the USA without an authorization from the Department of State. Additionally you can apply for this type of special visa for the case of medical problems, but requires several documents proving their health status and the need of urgent care or treatment in the country and the reasons why it cannot be resolve in their country of origin or in another nearby country. You must also present the budget available for medical treatment and to return home. Learn More

My passport with I B2 visa has been stolen, what can I do in this case?

First, you have to report the incident to the authorities of the United States and then send information with details of your previous passport to immigration officials so that the case can be resolved. Learn More

How long is the non-immigrant visa issued?

The length of stay in the country depends on the particular visa which can be renewed before the end of the time allowed. Learn More