Employment Based Green Card Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the definition of American permanent residence?

The American permanent residence is defined to foreign immigration process to reside and work legally in the U.S. territory individuals. Learn More

What are the differences between American citizenship and permanent residency?

Usually the permanent residence have the same rights and duties as American citizens, but there are some significant differences that is important to note, including: the residence individuals are not entitled to vote for the leaders of the Country and you cant hold public office within the territory, only American citizens have those rights , relatives of citizens get easier visa to enter the country, although individuals who have permanent residence may also apply for a visa from their families, but perhaps with a little more difficulty in addition to residence do not have a passport from national, remains a national of the country of origin. Learn More

What do immigration attorneys in Miami?

The immigration lawyers in Miami will help you throughout the immigration process you need, because laws are quite complex. Also provide all the information they needed to achieve the desired immigration status. Learn More

What happens if while the process of permanent residence that my present employer presented a letter of work for my green card and I change the job?

Actually nothing happens while your employer does not report that you have changed jobs, however it requires the new employer start the process again and so we continue with the permanent residence process that had already begun. Learn More

To obtain permanent residency through work required attending an interview first?

USCIS forms employment (The Department of Citizenship and Immigration serviceid) decides who will have to attend an interview and who does not, there are people who are required to attend because they need to show that all the information obtained is correct, but if there is no citation, means that the immigration serviceid is subject to all information obtained to give the residence. Learn More

I am an alien who a green card employment give me a green card based work Miami; my family is also entitled to opt for permanent immigration through my residence?

Yes, after you obtaining permanent resident jobs, your spouse and your children are entitled to apply for the American Green card, guaranteeing the right of their families to live, work and study legally in the United States. Learn More

How much cost application for permanent residence employment based Miami?

The cost of permanent residence is a fixed value set by national immigration as the one originated U.S. citizenship to the individual, (can have more information about citizenship in our website immigration). In general, the value of permanent residence depends on the forms I- 140, I-485 and fingerprints, all this may be about $1070. There are many local agencies that help in the fee for applying for permanent residency in Miami. Learn More

What differences exist between employment authorization card vs permanent resident card?

The work permit is assigned a foreign individual only allowed to work in the United States, while the permanent residence abroad may reside, work and study permanently in the territory. In addition the work permit has an expiration time for 2 years which may be renewable, but in case that does not meet the requirements must return to their country of origin, but the residence has a maturity of 10 years and possible application for U.S. citizenship after 5 years, obtaining other benefits it offers. Learn More

What is the I- 551 permanent resident card ?

Within the immigration laws in USA, the permanent residence card has a validity of 10 years it takes before the end of this date a renewal application. For the renewal of permanent residence permit is necessary for the beneficiaries request the Immigration and Aliens the new Green Card and this is possible through the I-551 form, ruled by the department. Learn More

How to renew employment authorization in Miami?

To renew employment authorization must verify that meets all the requirements and is among one of the possible categories, including political asylum, permanent resident employment authorization investors and others. Then you have to apply through Form I-765 work permit to immigration serviceid Miami. Learn More