Prosecutorial Discretion Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I apply prosecutorial discretion?

You should apply only if you are under the process of deportation and have no alternative to remain in the U.S. under the immigration laws. Request to ICE prosecutorial discretion is the last resort to be used. The authorities will not deliver to them are those who use this resource will drink you apply in the event that you and this facing deportation. Learn More

What should I ask to apply for tax discretion?

You request prosecutor discretion depending on your situation. If you are facing immigration judge or to the Board of Immigration Appeals may request administratively close the case which means that the ICE will close the case and will not try to deport him for now, but may do so in the future. In case you have a deportation order but also has an appeal to the appellate court may order a stay of removal means that you will not be deported for a period of approximately 1 year. In the case of requesting deferred action you can do in any party of the deportation process being you before an immigration judge , this has the advantage that you will not be deported at the moment but if it could be in the future , you will would grant a work permit. Learn More

Can I get prosecutorial discretion immigration work authorization?

A work permit is granted by immigration prosecutorial discretion memo, if you did not have it before you cannot get now. But there is one exception for people who are granted deferred action prosecutorial discretion and who qualify for a work permit. Learn More

The serviceids in immigration cases may have very high costs?

No, the immigration serviceid and citizenship often eliminate certain payments if you can show that it does not have resources to pay for this the person must complete and submit a form which will be reviewed in its entirety by the immigration department. Learn More

Could Gallardo Law Firm help me avoid the deportation and solve my immigration problems?

We, criminal lawyers, Gallardo Law Firm from the moment you make us part of your situation , we provide all possible support , giving alternative and more feasible solutions according to their possibilities and needs , we want you frustrated, and think it will not be appropriate for a viable exit, because it always exists, and we can get it for you. Learn More

What is the Immigration Act which is in force?

Is the Immigration and Nationality Act to be the basis of legal immigration system since 1952. Learn More

Is it important to tell the truth?

You should know that it is very important to tell the truth because if lying can be caused more harm than good. Discussions with your attorney are protected, the lawyer receives the most valuable information and more through the client, this being a major source. Learn More

Why should I do in case of arrest by ICE?

First remember that it is a human being and being in the United States has rights which can make use of them. You remember that you can remain silent and not be abused physically or word can make a phone call and request the presence of a lawyer. Have obligations such as not to oppose the arrest acting with physical strength , do not try to lie to agents , remember that anything you say may be used against you. Learn More