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Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Miami

Conviction of a criminal offense in Miami can lead to devastating problems. That often means loss of statues, capacity to work, career opportunities, and freedom are only a few of those consequences. This is why you need a criminal lawyer Miami to work closely on your case. Choosing a trustworthy lawyer is crucial if you have been accused of any category of felony crime or misdemeanor.

Many people face the danger by failing to hire a good criminal lawyer Miami who will use his or her skill in protecting your rights and defending you during all court proceedings on your case.

Fines, incarceration, and other matters from the penalizing phase can negatively influence you for many years. It’s important having the correct professional criminal lawyer Miami who will use their skill in protecting your rights throughout your case.

The Firm You Can Trust

The attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm understand your freedom should never be taken for granted. From the moment we are hired to represent your case, you can be confident that we will begin to work diligently to build a good defense approach to win your case. At Gallardo Law Firm, we know what it takes to get good results. Our Miami criminal lawyers will represent you with professionalism to demonstrate your innocence of whichever accusations you have been charged with.

What to Expect By Contacting a Miami Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer will represent defendants faced with criminal charges in appellate, state, and federal courts. Their range of practice includes plea bargains, appeals, bail bond hearings, post-conviction remedies, revocation hearings (probation or parole), and trial.

Part of the criminal lawyer’s job functions include:

  • Studying the case and finding information from the witnesses.
  • Investigating case law, crime codes, status, and adjective law
  • Building a defense and coming up with a case strategy
  • Coming to an agreement with the prosecution in order to plea bargain to less charges
  • Enrolling, filing and disputing motions which may include motions to suppress and motions to dismiss
  • Drafting, filing and arguing appeals

If you are involved in any way with criminal charges, you may want to contact a criminal lawyer Miami. If you are facing criminal charges, a criminal lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm can represent you in court and help you through this difficult process. Gallardo Law Firm has good criminal defense attorneys able to fight for your rights and represent you in court.

What Is Criminal Law?

Criminal law deals with crimes such as felonies and misdemeanors and the legal punishment of criminal offenses. Crimes are largely known as offenses against the state.

The case is filed by the government or State and then represented by a prosecutor, against a defendant. Criminal charges can never be filed by an individual against another person. The person can report a crime yet only the government can file criminal charges in court. Crimes or activities punishable by the government are divided into two general classes: felonies with possible one year or more incarceration sentence and misdemeanors with one year or less incarceration.

Skills Needed To Be a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers should possess outstanding verbal and written advocacy skills to argue their case before a judge and persuade a jury. They should also have excellent investigative and research skills in order to establish a strong defense and build a solid case. Criminal defense attorneys should be creative thinkers and possess analytical skills in order to develop legal strategies, litigate difficult cases, and analyze case law. They must also have a clear understanding of local, federal, and state rules, evidentiary laws, local judges and court procedures. Excellent interpersonal skills are also necessary in order to build a strong clientele.

Looking For a Criminal Lawyer Miami

The two most important things to consider before hiring a criminal lawyer Miami are the attorney’s background and experience. Gallardo Law Firm has lawyers who have built their experience with years of practice and an excellent educational background. It’s crucial to know if your criminal lawyer has previous experience in similar cases.

You may also want to ask about where he or she attended school and how long he or she has been practicing criminal law for. Your criminal lawyer Miami should be familiar with the charges against you and invest a good percentage of his or her practice to represent clients with similar charges.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Your Area

It’s important to hire a local criminal lawyer Miami due to a number of reasons including:

  • The ability to learn about the reputation of the firm and quality of the services provided. You can ask others residing in your community for a number of years about their experience with local lawyers and which one they prefer.
  • Local attorneys are more accessible. You can meet your attorney in his or her office whenever the need arises. You don’t have to travel to another city or state in order to meet with your lawyer. Gallardo law Firm can assist you with your case in Miami.
  • Local attorneys generally know the local community and they can also judge the probability of a fair verdict in your specific matter.
  • Oftentimes local lawyers have practiced with attorneys who are now judges in the community. These judges know which of their peers have the integrity that deserves their respect.
  • Local attorneys value their reputation and will do everything they can to earn that reputation.

The Experience of a Criminal Lawyer Miami

The most important thing to consider before making the final decision is the amount of experience the criminal lawyer has in your particular case and charges you are facing. Think about which advice you have found most helpful and which lawyer is more confident about handling your particular case. It’s also very important to consider which legal fees seemed more reasonable. Choosing the best criminal defense attorney should be easy after you have gathered this information.

Gallardo Law Firm has a number of respectable lawyers with years of experience handling cases similar to yours.

Find Out The Educational Background Of Your Attorney

There are several ways to find out about the educational background and experience of your criminal lawyer. Some online listings such as and can provide you with information about your attorney. Lawyers should meet educational standards and perform successfully in the bar exam. Those who want to pursue a law degree should first complete a bachelor’s degree and then complete at least three years of law school in a school accredited by the American Bar Association. Lawyers can’t legally practice law in any state without passing the state’s bar examination.

A criminal lawyer should have a law degree and be able to pass the bar examination in the same state where they expect to practice. Some criminal defense attorneys are board-certified by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification (NBLSC), which is an extension of the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney in Miami for Criminal Cases

Gallardo Law Firm has experience defending your rights. Individuals arrested and accused of criminal offenses can come to us and ask for advice. We handle all sorts of criminal cases which may include minor misdemeanor and infractions. We also handle the most serious felony indictments. Some of the cases we handle include:

  • Sex crimes in Miami: Local residents can face numerous “sex crimes” criminal charges under both federal and Florida law. These crimes can involve an alleged victim who is not an adult, which may include solicitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, and lewd and lascivious battery. Lawyers at Gallardo law firm work hard to achieve a good outcome regardless of wish charges are involved.
  • Drug Crimes in Miami: Being arrested with this type of crime in Miami can be a serious matter, depending on the severity of the crime or case. The person finds him or herself facing a felony conviction and years in prison. Charge is often the best way to avoid lengthy jail time and reduce your sentence. An aggressive and experience lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm can help you with this type of case.
  • Federal Crimes in Miami: Federal crimes are prosecuted by federal criminal law enforcement in federal courts. Some federal crimes may also be state crimes since they involved contact with several states or jurisdictions and involve the law of United States. The way these cases are handled, who handles them, and potential penalties varies in each state.
  • Drunk Driving Miami: DUI penalties in the state of Florida are one of the most severe in our nation. Individuals convicted with DUI in Miami face a mandatory conviction which means the charge remains on the individual’s records and the person must adhere to the penalties as they are outlined in the Florida DUI laws.
  • Weapon Charges and Firearms Offenses: These are violations of regulations and statues that control lethal firearms. Some deadly weapons are silencers, explosives, firearms and their ammunition, and some knives. There are state and federal laws concerning these and other weapons’ possession, use, carrying, manufacturing, sales and trafficking, importing and exporting.
  • Money laundering in Miami: This is the term used to label the process criminals use to disguise the original ownership and regulation of the profits of a criminal conduct by making this profit appear to have derived from a genuine source.
  • Miami Probation Violation: This is an offense that occurs when an individual breaks the terms and conditions of his or her probation. The consequences associated with this type of case vary depending on a number of factors including the seriousness and nature of the violation.
  • Healthcare Fraud in Miami: A healthcare fraud is a federal crime which consists of intentional treason inside the healthcare system for illegal gain. These white-collar crimes come in many forms. A successful prosecution of health care providers which ends in a conviction can lead to severe consequences.
  • Simple Assault and Battery Miami: Assaults and battery are defined separately under Florida state laws. Assault is a threat or harm that leads the victim to fear forthcoming harm. Once the defendant makes physical contact with the victim, under Florida state laws, the act is prosecuted as a battery.
  • Misdemeanor crimes: Misdemeanors are lesser criminal acts usually punished less severely than felonies. Examples of misdemeanors include public intoxication, prostitution, petty theft, disorderly conduct, simple assault, vandalism, trespass, and reckless driving.
  • Asset Forfeiture in Miami: This when assets are confiscated by the state which applies to drug-related crimes, terrorist activities, and other criminal as well as civil offenses. Asset forfeiture helps eliminate the capability of the offender to access resources he or she may need in order to continue pursuing illegal activities.
  • White Collar Crime in Miami: These are financially related nonviolent crimes generally committed by government professionals and businesses. Some examples of white collar crimes include blackmail, bribery, bank fraud, welfare fraud, computer fraud, telemarketing fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and cellular phone fraud.

Your Gallardo Law Firm Counsel: Criminal Offences on the Rise in Miami

Crimes in the Miami/Dade area have increased significantly in the past years. Some people have been falsely accused of these crimes and may need the legal assistance of a qualified criminal lawyer. Gallardo Law Firm can help you properly defend your case. Since crimes have increased, the penalties are also more severe. Among the most common criminals cases in Miami are:

  • Cybercrime: These are criminal offenses that take place on the internet. Computer crimes or internet crimes are aided by multiple forms of computer technology and it makes use of social networks. Many of the same offenses that were committed in person before are now committed with a computer.
  • Mortgage Fraud: This type of crime is a growing threat affecting many businesses, homeowners, and the national economy. It takes place during the lending process and it includes mortgages, inspections, deeds, appraisals, and loan applications. The laws related to mortgage fraud are quite complex. This is why hiring a criminal lawyer it’s often necessary.
  • Police brutality Cases or Police Misconduct: Although police officers have powers to carry out their duties, they are limited in how many times they enforce the law. Our nation civil rights’ laws protect us from such misconduct from the police. Some of the most common claims brought against police officers are false arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution, and failure to intervene.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism is when someone willfully destroys or damages property in a way that the value of the property is brought down. There are different elements in vandalism to consider such as the property being owned by someone else, the physical damage caused, and whether it was intentionally or not. Some common categories of vandalism include residential and commercial burglary and vehicle vandalism.
  • Medicaid and Medicare fraud in Miami: These are illegal practices aimed at getting fraudulent disbursements from government healthcare programs. Among the most popular ones are billing for services that were not delivered, the performance of unnecessary tests, and charging for services that should have been included in a package separately.
When someone who is not a US citizen is arrested, this represents a criminal and immigration problem. The consequences of this conduct should be considered by your criminal defense lawyer when you work with your immigration lawyer. How the criminal case is resolved will determine if you are allowed to remain in United States. This is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case.
Parole no longer exists in the federal system and Florida State System. Parole is the period after the served time. Probation is generally what happens when the individual is able to avoid the serving period and he or she is sentenced to a period of probation or supervised release.
Some individuals may be confused about these. All you need to know is the definition. When its punishable by a year or less, its a misdemeanor. When its punishable by over a year, in custody and as a possible sentence, its a felony.
You are under arrest when the police restrain your freedom. This may trigger you constitutional rights of protections. All the facts and details such as the timing and confrontation with the police or federal law enforcement agency are important and they must be discussed with your criminal defense attorney at a firm such as Gallardo Law Firm.
There is no difference between them. This is just the way they are called. Some states use Driving Under the Influence while others call it Driving While Under the Influence. DUI is a very serious misdemeanor so its important you have an experienced DUI attorney handling your case.
In some cases, the individual will either receive a letter and in some unfortunate circumstances, the person will learn because there is an agent knocking on the door. Its very important you contact your lawyer immediately.
A controlled substance is any substance considered to be illegal to possess. Some of these substances can be medications prescribed by your physician. Its not illegal for you to have these as a patient. Other substances like for example cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, etc. are inherently illegal.