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Automobile accidents can be stressful and unexpected. Gallardo Law Firm breaks down this process so that one of our car accident lawyers can help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic event. Most Americans will be involved in these types of accidents at least once in their lifetime. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer Miami from Gallardo Law Firm can help you, regardless of the type of accident that occurred. If you were seriously injured in an auto accident or have unanswered questions, contact us today. A trustworthy car accident lawyer will represent you and provide the answers and directions you need.

Auto insurance companies will try to negotiate a settlement for you. Despite this, these negotiations will be entered at a disadvantage. You may accept an offer that you believe is very good, but it’s possible that you may deserve much more. It is important to consult a Gallardo Law Firm car accident lawyer before talking about the accident with anyone.

Hiring a car accident lawyer Miami means you are choosing an attorney who knows the law and has years of experience negotiating in auto accident cases. You must contact a respectable and liable firm as soon as possible to get the results you deserve.

Should I Hire A Lawyer For A Car Accident?

“Over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year…An additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled.”-Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT)

You must take a few things into consideration when choosing a car accident lawyer for a traffic accident. First, it is important to consider the reputation and experience of the attorney. A knowledgeable and resourceful car accident lawyer will know when insurance company executives intimidate those who have been injured in car crashes. This tactic does not work with an injury and car accident lawyer. An experienced car accident lawyer has already represented multiple clients in countless trials, so he or she knows exactly what to do to increase his or her chance of proving the case(s). More importantly, insurance company executives and their attorneys do not bother to act in bad faith against a car accident lawyer. Gallardo Law Firm can provide you with the resources you need to fight for your rights.

The education is also an important factor. Lawyers who studied for their law degrees in South Florida, for example, will have the opportunity to get to know the local courts while they are still in school. They start developing positive reputations and create a significant roster of resources, which puts them at a distinct advantage over their peers.

Types of Cases a Car Accident Lawyer Miami Can Handle

Our law firm represents injured victims in:

  • Rear End Collisions: These are the most common types of motor vehicle accidents.
  • Head-on Collisions: This is one of the leading causes of death and injury in the state of Florida.
  • Distracted Driving: Many fatal accidents involve distracted driving. Cell phones are among the main causes leading to these types of accidents.
  • DUI Accidents: Driving under the influence is one of the leading causes of fatalities and severe injuries, which can be preventable.
  • Hit and Run Accidents: This generally happens when there is no car insurance; the person is intoxicated, or guilty of committing another crime.
  • Truck Accidents: Truck and commercial vehicles are very common in South Florida, and therefore these types of accidents are inevitable.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: These types of accidents often pose difficult factual, legal and economic issues.
  • Side Impact Collisions: These collisions generally cause more severe physical injuries when compared with other kinds of accidents.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents: These accidents are less common; however, Miami is one of the most unsafe cities for walking in the whole nation. Likewise, bicycles are used for recreational purposes.

Leading Causes of Auto Accidents

The main cause of car accidents in Miami is distracted driving. This means that the driver was performing another task while operating a vehicle, such as texting, putting on makeup or reading. The second most common cause of car collisions is impaired driving when motorists ingest alcohol or illicit or prescription drugs before operating their vehicles. The third leading cause of Miami collisions is speeding or reckless driving, the fourth is dangerous roads, and the fifth is vehicle malfunction.

What to Do After A Car Accident?

Vehicle accidents can result in serious damages to your car, corporal injuries, and in some cases, death. You should take a few steps immediately after the accident:

  • Assessing the damage: Pull your car to the side of the road and check out if anybody is injured.
  • Calling the police: The police should be notified, and an incident report filed.
  • Collecting information: Get the contact information of people involved in the crash, witnesses, etc. Don’t argue, just get the facts.
  • Don’t leave the accident scene: For example, when running to an unattended vehicle, leave a note and write exactly what happened.
  • Notify your insurance company: This is when hiring a car accident lawyer comes in handy.

Injured In A Traffic Accident? Let Us Fight For You

Gallardo Law Firm has a lot of experience handling car accident compensation claims. A car accident lawyer handles these kinds of cases, and our firm helps our clients by carefully clarifying their rights so they can make well-versed decisions about their cases. They can explain to you what to do after a car accident injury and the best way to handle injuries from these accidents.

Common Injuries from Car Collisions

The most common auto accident claims involve injuries to the neck, back, and spine. For example, many people suffer from traumatic brain injury that can cause temporary or permanent impairment. Some of the symptoms are seizures, headaches, and dizziness. People also suffer from broken bones, fractures and even paralysis, which is when a car accident lawyer is especially needed. Rear-end collisions often cause whiplash when the victim experiences headaches, a limited range of motion and neck pain. These accidents are also known to cause the discs in the spine to tear or bulge, which incites pain that can last for months. Some injuries may cause the victim to lose his or her life.

Determining Liability in a Car Crash

Authorities determine who is at fault in a collision by examining each driver’s behavior. In order for the case to be more likely in your favor, it is best to get a car accident lawyer. Once they learn that one person has acted carelessly or negligently, they can examine the laws and find out if the driver broke any rules by executing those careless actions. If the accident was a rear-end collision or a left turn crash, the other motorist caused the collision 99 percent of the time, so insurance companies rarely dispute them.

The Importance of Hiring a Right Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer develops a case that demonstrates who caused the collision. Firms such as Gallardo Law Firm have lawyers with a history of success. They search for the many ways that the at-fault party can be made to take financial responsibility for the crash, and they ensure that everything is done according to the law. They will also work closely with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office in cases where criminal negligence is a factor. They hire the appropriate experts who will help reconstruct the elements of the crash in the courtroom. They also take over several other duties for you, such as corresponding with bill collectors and speaking with insurance company executives.

The lawyers will investigate the cause of the crash by visiting the scene of the accident. They will look for skid marks on the street and will make sure that all signs are clearly visible. They will take photographs of the scene and of the vehicles that were involved in the crash. Then, your car accident lawyer can present this evidence to the other side to show that their client is responsible for the collision and negotiate a settlement. If the insurance company’s executives deny that their client is at fault, your lawyer will prepare to take this case to court.

Car Accident Compensation Claims

Individuals who have been involved in an auto accident will qualify to receive financial compensation for the impact of their injuries with the help of a car accident lawyer Miami. These are called damages. Financial benefits will be received for past and future medical expenses including hospitalization, diagnostic test, emergency room care, and a few other medical costs such as surgery and physical therapy. You may also receive compensation for lost wages, scarring, lost income, and disfigurement. Family members and injured victims can also receive compensation for pain and suffering, which may include emotional and psychological harms.

Why Choosing A Lawyer From Gallardo Law Firm?

Car accident compensation claims are often complex and they may require the professional intervention of a car accident lawyer. Whether a routine collision or an unfortunate injury claim, our firm is here to help you. All the information you provide us with will be kept confidential. For a free consultation, contact us today. By hiring one of our qualified car accident lawyer Miami, you will take the most important step to confirm your legal rights are safeguarded.

The following information will help your attorney develop your case: Names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses and those involved in the collision The make and model of the automobiles involved in the crash The other motorists driver license number The other drivers auto insurance information The number of the police report or the name of the reporting officer Photographs of the damaged automobiles
Depending on the state where the accident happened, you could be negated any potential reward or compensation for the damages of the accident.
Your case will not go to court if the other drivers insurance agrees to pay the amount that your lawyer said your potential compensation is worth.
Seeing how every car accident is different, it is important to get a lawyer for any extreme case.
It is always a safe bet to visit a doctor after any accident has occurred.
Yes. Do this immediately. You may have to visit the emergency room in the beginning. If you need to see a specialist, your injury attorney will assist you.
Call your insurance agent at your earliest convenience even if you are sure that the other motorist caused the collision. However, it would be advantageous to you to allow your injury attorney to file the claim on your behalf. Then, you will not have to be concerned that you will say or do something that will jeopardize your case.
You will not necessarily have to go to court over this matter. Your case may be more valuable if your car accident lawyer tries to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. When this cannot be accomplished, they may decide to file a lawsuit via a car accident lawyer Miami.
Refrain from talking to anyone from the auto insurance company. Your car accident lawyer will do all of the communicating for you, so you do not have to do this. You can speak to your lawyers, of course, and your doctors. Make sure that you follow all of their instructions.
If you believe that you contributed to the collision, you dont have to tell anyone. It will be your lawyers job to investigate the occurrences and determine who is at fault. If you need to take partial responsibility, your lawyers will let you know.
No. You must not allow yourself to be recorded while discussing the collision.
Inform the insurance adjuster that you hired car accident lawyer and for them to call your lawyer from now on regarding the accident.
No. Do not sign any documents for the insurance company. Your car accident lawyer will handle this for you as well.
Your car accident lawyer can answer this question only after they have fully investigated the case. The answer will depend on a number of your medical bills and the severity of your injuries. They must also know exactly how you came to be injured. Once they have the necessary data, they will place a dollar amount on the case.
You may do so if you wish, but you may regret that decision in the end. The insurance companys adjusters and lawyers do not want to offer you a fair settlement. Furthermore, you are not aware of all of the intricacies of personal injury law. You could unwittingly say or do something that will damage your case. Allow professionals who have experience in this area of the law, such as a car accident lawyer, to do this work for you.