Criminal Attorney Fees In Miami

Criminal Attorney Fees In Miami

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 18 Jul, 2015

    How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost in Miami?

    Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be a difficult decision primarily because of the costs involved. Gallardo Law Firm understands the financial difficulties some individuals in our community may be facing. This is why, when determining a fee for a specific case, our attorneys like to look at the nature of the case, how complex the case is, and how much time is required to handle it. We have a flat fee for most cases but sometimes hourly rates can apply, depending on the case.

    It’s important that you seek consultation from an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Early representation may help to drop your charges completely or having them reduced to a lesser offense by using every alternative available. Criminal charges can have a devastating effect on your reputation and livelihood therefore having your case dismissed and removed from your permanent record should be your attorney’s main goal.

    Advantages of a Flat Fee

    Hiring an attorney at an hourly rate can sometimes be scary. In some specific situations, a flat fee will be charged by your criminal lawyer. Make sure to ask your attorney what type of fee they charge and what the fee is. If your lawyer works with flat fees, ask about court costs as well, whether they are included or not and when they should be paid.

    There are also contingency fees, where attorneys will take a case for free charging a percentage of the payout as their fee. This is generally used only in cases involving potential settlements or awards.

    A number of factors can determine how much a criminal defense attorney will charge. Some of the major factors are experience and education. For example, an experienced lawyer who graduated from a respectable law school will charge more than an attorney with less experience who graduated from a low-ranked law school. You should also consider your attorney’s reputation. Miami criminal defense attorneys who have a proven record may cost more than attorneys who don’t specialize in your area of the law.

    Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami

    Having an open discussion with the attorneys you interview is the key to making a wise choice. Find out about any extra expenses that may be involved, etc. You should also have an estimated total cost. Then, make sure you understand how and when your criminal defense attorney expects to be paid.

    A large percentage of criminal defense attorneys will ask for payment in full before accepting your case. Since the costs of hiring a lawyer are always unpredictable, it’s wise setting a budget before hiring one. Flat fees are generally more predictable, but you will have to pay them up front. Other additional charges may also apply, depending on the case.

    Some legal fees are negotiable, but this is something you need to do before hiring your attorney. Once you know how much you will be charged, you can make an intelligent decision when hiring the right attorney in Miami to represent you.