What does a criminal lawyer do?

What does a criminal lawyer do?

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 03 Jun, 2015

    A criminal lawyer Miami has the possibility of either representing an individual who has been accused of a crime or represent the government in prosecuting the individual that is accused. Generally in a criminal case, the defendant will be represented by a defense lawyer while the conflicting attorney, known as a prosecutor, takes place for the government. If a lawyer practiced defense laws there are many duties that they are able to perform such as: defending an individual from a speeding ticket all the way to defending an individual from a criminal crime that have been accused of such as a murder trial. On the other hand, a prosecutor serves the purpose of representing the government in cases such as a speeding charge or a murder trial.

    Criminal lawyer in Miami

    A criminal lawyer in Miami has the possibility of working for the government, as a solo practitioner or working in a private law firm. Public defenders are often referred to as criminal defense attorneys who are employed by the government to represent the defendants. There are certain circumstances in some countries if you do not have the eligibility to afford to hire an attorney, one will be appointed to you at no charge.

    Criminal lawyer’s tasks

    The main purpose of a criminal lawyer is to support his or her clients. In order to adequately support the case, the attorney must put aside any personal opinions and feeling he or she may have on the case.

    A criminal law attorney will also regularly make this presence in court. Additional to allocating time at trial, the attorney may also make more court appearances on behalf of their clients.

    Other than making their presence in the courtroom, there are many other tasks that are performed by a criminal law lawyer. For example, the attorney will take a great amount of time interviewing their clients in order to prep for trials or hearings. If a plea bargain is offered by the prosecutor, is it the defense lawyer's responsibility to discuss this plea deal with the defendant. Throughout this meeting between the lawyer and the defendant, the defense attorney will generally advise the defendant if the plea bargain should be agreed upon and if there will be any potential legal implications.

    Additional to these tasks a criminal law lawyer will also regularly conduct legal research for the purpose of finding case law or statutory interpretations that will assist in aiding the client’s case.