Davie Police Sergeant Hit by Car and Recovering

Davie Police Sergeant Hit by Car and Recovering

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 13 Sep, 2016

    Davie police sergeant Patricia Ravine was airlifted after being hit by a car on I-75. She was trying to help a drunk driver who had just been involved in a rollover car crash before being struck by another vehicle traveling south on Interstate 75. It's unfortunate traffic accidents like these occur, especially when the police was trying to help a motorist. Ravine is loved and appreciated by family and co-workers and well-known for her irreproachable service to the community. She was in intensive care for over a month but fortunately in stable condition as her hit by a car injuries were not life-threatening.

    Sergeant Patricia Ravine has worked with the Davie Police for almost 10 years. She spoke to the media last Thursday about this tragic episode in her life. Her family has been of great support staying with her at the hospital 24 hours a day since the accident happened. Although the worst is behind her, she is still in intense physical therapy and may not be able to function the way she used to. According to her husband, Shawn Ravine, she has traumatic brain injury and substantial injury to her body. Her mother, Sandra Hardwick, says it’s hard for her daughter to express things and she is in a lot of pain.

    According to investigators, the vehicle that hit Patricia was trying to avoid crashing into her car and ended up hitting her instead. Ravine’s loved ones are upset and wish people would pay more attention. Her husband has taken a leave of absence to take care of his wife and their four children. Patricia feels frustrated because she tries to help her children and she can’t. GoFundMe is accepting donations for her recovery. Her house needs to undergo some renovations in order to handle her mobility limitations.

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