Pokémon Go-The Dark Side

Pokémon Go-The Dark Side

By Emma Johnson
On 14 Jul, 2016

    People are fascinated by adventure. This is why they adore Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality mobile game with access to your cellphone’s camera and GPS. The older crowd, driven by nostalgia is also joining the enthusiastic young gamers wandering in the streets and throwing balls at the mysterious characters. But where is the wandering experience really leading you?

    According to police reports, Pokémon Go’s popularity is already triggering criminal offenses. People are easily distracted by it, which allow criminals to easily target them. Besides being exposed to crime, wandering unfamiliar streets can also lead to all types of accidents, including car accidents . Players can’t hatch digital eggs while driving slowly. Real-world movement is required for it to work.

    Pokémon Go characters can go into private properties without asking for permission. This has raised several legal questions. There is definitely no legal responsibility or liability for placing these characters on these places or in dangerous places. Also, gamers competing in public places may disturb the peace and disrupt people from enjoying the place. Disturbing the peace is a criminal offense that covers a variety of conduct including playing loud music during the night, using offensive words, challenging to fight, shouting in a public place to incite violence or any other unlawful activity.

    The game‘s terms of service make it very clear that they are not responsible for any injuries, property damage, as well as claims of any other applicable laws. With Pokémon Go you are pretty much on your own. One wonders how this gaming obsession will cause the law to evolve in the near future.

    Pokémon’s future is uncertain but you must certainly do everything you can to protect yourself and your children from the dangers this game can expose them to. If you are facing criminal charges in Miami seek the legal counsel of a criminal defense lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm.