Donald Trump accused of sexual assault

Donald Trump accused of sexual assault

By Emma Johnson
On 22 Jul, 2016

    With the 2016 presidential elections all over the media, it’s not surprising to hear stories of sexual assault, and explicit details about the candidates’ personal lives rising to the surface. Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has not been the exception to the rule. The media bombards people every day with stories about Trump. A recent story about Donald Trump’s sexual assault has sparked the interest of bloggers and journalists across the internet. The $125 million lawsuit filed in 1997 in Kansas City, Missouri. Jill Harth, in her early 30’s back then, alleged Donald Trump sexually assaulted her.

    There is a 12-page complaint filled with details about dates and times Trump engaged in this aggressive sexual behavior. Apparently Trump had met Harth as a producer and coordinator of international model search events in the 90s. Trump was quite active in the beauty pageant world back then. He called Harth several times from New York demanding her that she sleeps with him. She lived in Boca Raton, Florida. Among the multiple allegations she claims he had an adulterous affair and retaliated against those who crossed him, something very typical of Trump. He obviously denied the charges and said the suit was an attempt to settle because they knew they could not win the case.

    Although Harth says she has, “nothing but good things to say about Donald” and she is planning to vote for him, her actions speak louder. It’s the natural thing to do after Trump called her a liar and her daughter Ivanka Trump said her father was ‘not a groper.’ She is speaking now and telling the whole truth about what happened.

    A sexual crime, particularly a sexual assault, is a very serious charge. Many defendants focus on mitigating the punishment since the charge can be from 2 years in prison up to a life sentence. Contact a criminal defense attorney from Gallardo Law Firm to help you with your criminal case.