Tiniko Thompson found guilty of murdering her police boyfriend

Tiniko Thompson found guilty of murdering her police boyfriend

By Emma Johnson
On 30 Aug, 2016

    A woman was recently found guilty of second degree murder. Tiniko Thompson, 48, had apparently lied to her husband, Carl Patrick, about her pregnancy and ran up thousands of dollars on his credit card charges. Thompson’s attorney alleged that Patrick had hit his wife and they had struggled over a gun before he shot himself. She had failed to report the shooting for two days. Tiniko Thompson was arrested after the police confirmed there was no gun powder remainder on her husband’s hands.

    Tiniko Thompson’s arrest took place 21 days after the incident. Apparently, the gunshot didn’t kill Patrick right away. She had a chance to call for help and save his life but didn’t. He was shot only once and the injury would have been survivable with proper medical assistance. According to police reports, instead of calling for help she took off his blood-stained clothes, placed them in a plastic bag, put his cellphone in the car, and took the items to a self-storage facility. Her boyfriend’s body was discovered 2 days after.

    Thompson had self-confessed l that she had shot her boyfriend but it was self-defense, something that is not true. She said her boyfriend had taken the gun and put it on her mouth. She fought back because she feared for her safety and they both felt to the floor. Some prosecutors said Patrick was angry because Thompson had faked a pregnancy and he was trying to kick her out of the house. Thompson said her husband knew the pregnancy was fake and they were about to adopt a child.

    As it happens in most of these shady cases, Tiniko would not talk to the officers unless her criminal defense attorney was present. She was eventually found guilty and will face life in prison. Contact a criminal lawyer in Miami form Gallardo law Firm today if you need assistance with your criminal case. Our attorneys are here to protect your rights.