Sex themed hotels owned by judicial candidate

Sex themed hotels owned by judicial candidate

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 14 Aug, 2016

    We live in a sex-obsessed generation and it’s not surprising seeing a judicial candidate like Marcia Del Rey owning several sex themed hotels. The candidate has been profiting from this blooming business where many criminal activities have also transpired. Her family has become very wealthy with the sex themed hotels chain, which includes Executive Airport Hotel, Mansion Motel, Executive Tropic Garden Hotel, La Fuente Motels, Paraiso Hotel, and several others. Critics have always complained against such sex themed hotels saying they attract prostitution. Apparently Del Reys have a long history of engaging in this enterprise and profit from such unlawful activities.

    Corruption in politics is very common. Some people in authority and candidates like to use their power for dishonest private gain. Some financial disclosures from May 2016 have shown that Marcia Del Rey’s assets include Tropic Gardens’ investments of about $2.4 million. This sex themed hotel is owned by her and her brother Julio Del Rey Jr. There are also some income reports from Puerto Rico and Resorts of Dade, Inc. Some public records prove her campaign and her friend Raquel Regalado’s campaign have been funded by sex-hotels owned by the Del Rey’s family.

    Del Rey’s opponent, Jason Bloch, has recently filed a lawsuit requesting that she is removed from the August 30 elections because of her lack of constitutional values. In the lawsuit she is accused of allowing criminal activities at these hotels, which include sexual battery , human trafficking, prostitution, and illegal drugs. Unfortunately, the lawsuit doesn’t provide clear evidence about the candidate’s involvement in these illegal activities.

    There have been several prostitution arrests made at the erotic-themed motels. In one particular one, Paraiso Motel, three men were charged with human trafficking, sex with a minor, and child abuse. According to Florida law, human trafficking involves any person recruiting, soliciting, enticing, etc. in order to obtain and exploit an individual. Any person participating in human trafficking can be charged with a crime.

    Being informed about who we are voting for this campaign season it’s crucial to the health of local politics. We all dream of the day when candidates earn their way and honest people lead us to something other than chaos. But for now let’s just dream and do our part as good citizens. Contact a criminal lawyer from Gallardo law Firm if you need help with a criminal case in Miami.