Obama Immigration Reform: The Two Sides of the Coin

Obama Immigration Reform: The Two Sides of the Coin

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 26 Jan, 2016

    As Presidential elections draw nearer and nearer, there is a lot of action taking place before President Barack Obama steps down from his position. Since 2014, Obama immigration reform policies have been stalled and now President Obama has taken these Obama immigration reform cases to the Supreme Court. This is just the latest in immigration law news as up until now progress on the executive order was at a standstill.

    Twenty-six states including Florida are involved in the Supreme Court case. Florida has one of highest immigrant populations in the United States along with Texas and California. This being said the outcome of this case will have a major influence on Florida and how immigration law overall will change the United States. While some people believe that President Obama is completely in the right for this immigration reform order, others believe he is abusing his executive power as President of the United States.

    Those who agree with Obama immigration reform dub this standstill a paralysis in the United States as they believe federal immigration forces need to focus on violent criminals more than the deportation of those whose only crime is being in the United States illegally. There is also great concern for the safety of these immigrants as for asking for help becomes that much more dangerous when you’re considered illegal.

    Those who are against the Obama immigration reform believe a lawful presence should not be given to those who are in this country unlawfully. A common discussion is Obama has gone much too far in attempting to change immigration law, especially after Congress was unable to agree on an immigration reform package.

    Regardless of opinions on the matter, we should have the final answer by the summer. Both sides of the coin have something interesting to say and there is no one true right answer to this. We should respect both opinions and take it with a grain of salt.

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